Lauren Jauregui and Vic Mensa Confront Emotional Demons on New Song ‘Scattered’

Lauren Jauregui has teamed up with Vic Mensa for new song “Scattered. ” The track will appear on her upcoming debut solo project, Prelude.

On the autumnal, horn-tipped ballad, the duo address emotional demons, finding ways to trust, and acknowledge when the the pain might be too much to go it alone. Jauregui sings on the chorus: “I think I might need some help/I don’t feel like myself.”

“Scattered like the leaves upon the wind/When seasons must begin to change again,” Jauregui sings. “Shattered, pointed shards, a heart is broken, left in patterns on the carpet where she wept.”

Mensa paints as vivid an emotional picture as Jauregui does during his verse, likening his state to “the paint on a Jackson Pollock.” He raps: “My grey matter been having me seeing red, but regardless/I’m not just mad at myself, I’m mad at the world/My girl says I got trust issues/Honestly I fuck with you/It’s just I need the guts to say fuck it and open up to you.”

Jauregui performed “Scattered” along with debuting the rest of the Prelude on Thursday via Moment House. The project marks Jauregui’s first set of solo songs since her departure from Fifth Harmony.


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