Laura Jane Grace Calls ‘Day Old Coffee’ ‘The Worst Song I’ve Ever Written,’ Unveils Caffeinated Music Video Anyway

The average person might drink three cups of coffee a day, but Laura Jane Grace has them beat in the new video for “Day Old Coffee” from her latest EP At War With the Silverfish.

“This is the worst song I’ve ever written but the video turned out really good,” Grace said.

Directed by Chris Bauer and Richard Louis Ulrich, the video stretches just over 90 seconds. In that time, Grace racks up a floor full of mugs through the constant reheating of her day-old coffee while she waits for songwriting inspiration to strike.

“Day Old Coffee” is a snapshot of everyday life for the rock singer. Elsewhere on At War With the Silverfish, the writing is far less domesticated. Grace even describes them as “songs of late night madness and loneliness, orphan songs that came wandering in looking to feed like insects.” It’s versatile work.

“As a songwriter, I push myself to keep writing songs — even if it’s not for a specific purpose — as a way to stay grounded and stay feeling productive because it’s something that I can do pretty much in any situation. So during a pandemic where the rest of your life is gone, right, that was a grounding thing to grab on to,” Grace told Rolling Stone earlier this year.

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