Late-Night Hosts Applaud Viral Video Exposing Trump's Balding Scalp

“It’s like a mullet, except no one showed up to the party in the back,” Seth Meyers joked during Wednesday’s (Feb. 7) “Late Night.”

While boarding Air Force One this week, President Donald Trump’s hair got caught in a windstorm, which exposed vivid balding on his scalp. After late-night hosts caught wind the viral video, they were quick to share their own quips about the embarrassing moment during their Wednesday night (Feb. 7) shows.

“I’m so sorry. That video should come with a warning saying these images will be disturbing for younger viewers,” James Corden joked while opening CBS' The Late Late Show. “Even his hair has been lying to us. It looks like he’s flying with an emotional support animal.”

Corden then mocked the president for disregarding global warming by joking, “No wonder this president hates the environment. The wind humiliates him on a daily basis.”

On NBC's The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon also shared some quips about Trump’s balding. “We’ve all seen the wind do crazy things to Donald Trump’s hair, but nothing quite like this,” the host joked, adding, “Did his head just flash me?”

Though finding the moment confusing, Fallon explained that he also felt relieved after seeing the clip: “I mean, I have no idea what I just saw. What did I just see? Is anyone kind relieved that there wasn’t a face on the back his head?”

Following Fallon, Late Night With Seth Meyers introduced a new segment, dubbed “Let’s Get Petty,” in order to mock the viral video. Throughout the segment, the host fered comical one-liners to joke and be “petty” about the windstorm moment.

Meyers’ insults included: “Wow, dude. Well, I guess there’s one draft you couldn’t dodge”; “And you thought CNN was giving you bad coverage”; “It’s like a mullet, except no one showed up to the party in the back”; and “I’ve seen more hair on a sonogram.”

The late-night host then quipped that Trump's exposed scalp reminds him the image Pennywise the Clown. 

After seeing the video, ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! host Jimmy Kimmel enlisted the help pressional hairstylists to discuss the viral moment. 

Asked to fer their own expertise on Trump’s hair, one hairstylist found the video telling, for “someone did not glue that down tight enough.” Another referred to the president’s balding as a “bad weave.” One stylist compared Trump’s scalp to “the backside a dog,” whereas another believed it looked like “the behind an ostrich.” The audience couldn't contain their laughter after a hairstylist explained that the image reminded him the “monster from Goonies.”

Trump’s hair has also garnered attention from the public at large, with insiders revealing that the president and first lady Melania visit a private salon called L’Apparetement, located across the street from Trump Tower, in order to keep their tresses in check.

“I have to respect their confidentiality. If they want to discuss it, they can, but I cannot,” the salon’s owner and rumored Trump hairstylist Tiffany Kaljic told The Hollywood Reporter about her rumored clients.

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