Larry June shares sunny new visual for “Wait On Me” [Video]

San Francisco mainstay Larry June has shared a sunny new visual for his single “Wait On Me”. This release provides refreshing, summery vibes that relax and uplift the listener.

The instrumental for “Wait On Me” is centred around laid back keys, underscored by elegant strings that drift along dreamily. Moreover, muscular synths and deep bass give the track more momentum and glue it together, creating an infectious groove. Over top, June comes through with some melodic hip-hop vocals that are relaxed yet vital. He demonstrates a sharp songwriting ability, strengthened by years of prolificness and quality releases. 

The visual for “Wait On Me” is warm and sunny, providing a fresh, stylish accompaniment to this easy-going song. The video’s setting is a beachfront, featuring beautiful weather and scenery that compliment the song’s graceful feel. June gives an assured, smooth performance throughout, demonstrating his effortless style with taste.

Overall, “Wait On Me” is a strong release from Larry June that hopefully signals exciting things to come for this accomplished rapper. The groovy, chilled out song makes for much replay value, and the accompanying visual is entertaining and calming. All in all, this is a sharply executed release from June. 

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