Larry D Is Back On Stage Touring And Releases A New Single Ft Jessica Ray “Just We”

Dr. Larry Dodson Sr, mostly known as Larry D, was the lead singer of the legendary band Bar-Kays during decades, selling millions of records and performing in the most prestigious venues across the globe. He played a major role in reviving the band, at a time when many considered their career a thing of the past, with Dodson starting a booking agency while securing gigs for the band. In 2003, Larry and James Alexander formed their own record company, JEA Records.

A few years ago, Larry D decided to launch his solo artistic journey, channeling his immense experience and restless creativity into wonderful new projects. One of his latest releases is titled “Just We,” a magnificent song in which Larry and Jessica Ray delight listeners with outstanding performances that perfectly complement each other.

Depicting a true romance in such troubled times brings a breath of fresh air into our world, and we cannot thank both artists enough for creating this magical single. 

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