La Poré explores the potency music possesses with “Headphones”

Music can unlock different emotions and memories, providing the ultimate escape. La Poré’s new single “Headphones” examines the profound effect music has on our mood. Bright, buttery vocals gliding atop shimmery soundscapes sing of putting on headphones to block out the excess noise clouding our minds. The retro style visuals light up with an effervescent purple glow. Drawing viewers in with neon colors and kaleidoscopic imagery, the psychedelic offering is so hypnotic.

La Poré is the moniker of writer and producer Nick Samson. Moving to Los Angeles in 2019 he has continued to tirelessly perfect his craft, gaining a loyal and devoted fan base. Through his infectious releases he dives deep into his fears and anxieties, but also his greatest hopes and dreams as well. With every track he wears his heart on his sleeve and this latest single is no different. The singer reveals, "With the song and music video, I wanted to capture the experience of writing. I never know what's going to happen or how I'll feel. You go through self reflection as a person and artist. It's a crazy journey, and usually you fail. But sometimes without warning it'll click, and you find yourself so in tune with the music, that everything else filters out.”

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