Kyd The Band reflects on his overdose in “Real Problems” [Video]

Ever since he started releasing music in 2017, Kyd The Band, aka Devin Guisdane, has always written with the goal of pure, unfiltered candidness. He doesn’t hold back from anything, which is probably why listeners gravitate towards him and he has almost 300,000 Spotify listeners. Even more recently, his self-written reply to Olivia Rodrigo’s "Driver's License" put him in the spotlight again as he garnered over 18M views. Today, Kyd the Band gets even more up close and personal with his music video for “Real Problems,” which discloses his depression, overdose, and eventual sobriety.

The production consists primarily of booming drums and droning pianos, but it’s Guisdane’s emotions that truly bring out the beauty of the track. The chorus comes from artist Taela, who bursts with a variety of emotions in every note. It’s hard not to feel moved by her strong vocals. She even shared her personal connection with the track, explaining, “I was trying to find a way to capture this feeling I was having every day —  a mixture of anger, depression, anxiety and guilt. I wanted to get these “problems” off my chest. […] I hope this is as healing for others as it was for me."

The music video is powerful, showing raw experiences and even taking on POV shots to really put the audience in his shoes. However, the video still ends on a hopeful note, leaving the past self, mistakes, and vices behind.

Kyd The Band wrote "Real Problems" to reflect on where he was, but most importantly to inspire people to get it. His advice to listeners is, "First of all it's going to be okay. When you’re in the middle of those things it's the last thing you ever think you’re feeling suffocated by it all you can’t see outside of it. Being on the other side realizing there is another side, I've learned that asking for help is huge, that overdose probably wouldn't happen if I did."

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