Kosha Dillz Remixes Portugal. The Man: Listen to 'Feel It Dillz'

“This song’s about the girl you’re going for and she’s with somebody else,” quickly explains Kosha Dillz as he introduces his latest remix. “Tight. Let’s do it,” he declares, before a certain familiar guitar riff drops -- one that sneakily grooved its way to becoming a Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hit last November, and one the Jewish indie rapper is feeling still.

Kosha put his hip-hop flair on Portugal. The Man's "Feel It Still" in a remix premiering below, aptly renamed "Feel It Dillz." While the alternative jam's infectious riffs are still prominent throughout the track, Kosha turns the underdog smash into a party-ready banger. He spits verses on mustering up the courage to talk to the aforementioned love interest, tinged with hints of comical self-deprecation.

Although the alternative six-piece seems like an unlikely match for the rapper, their friendship dates back to 2009 when they coincidentally met in Breckenridge, Colorado, inhaling from oxygen tanks in efforts to adjust to the nearly 10,000-foot elevation. Kosha said he's witnessed Portugal. The Man evolve from 100-person shows to performing in front of 60,000 Coachella attendees nine years later. This repeat-worthy remix goes out to them.

Listen to "Feel It Dillz" below.

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