Kontent ditches the 9 to 5 and opens himself up to a whole new world of possibilities in “J.R.” [Video]

Los Angeles rapper and producer Kontent provides a captivating visual experience in his new video for “J.R.”.  Showcasing rich, luminous beats and hard-hitting, passionate vocals reminiscent of artists like Drake, “J.R.” is an energetic tune bursting with heart.

The track is a reminder to go after your dreams and if you feel like you are not where you are meant to be, it’s never too late to change that. The video is a display of Kontent’s journey to get where he is today, as he quit his office job and moved to LA just before the pandemic, and hasn’t looked back since. The balloons in his video are representative of his creativity and passion. When his boss pops one of the balloons he quits his job and demolishes his desk. His desk is in the middle of nowhere, a metaphor for how he felt about the job, that it would lead to nowhere.

Kontent was born and raised in South Tyrol, a German-speaking region of northern Italy. His previous single “Need You” gained the rapper a fervent fan base. In Berlin he worked as a producer for musical talents Donskoy, Revelle and Maxiz, but had dreams of pursuing a career as a solo artist, moving to Los Angeles. Keep an eye out for more from this gifted artist on the rise in this New Year.

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