Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Awkward Kiss-Cam Moment Has Fans Flipping: See the Best Reactions

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's kiss-cam moment during the NBA All-Star Game went viral on Sunday (Feb. 16) -- likely due to the fact that it was nothing short of awkward.

It all started when Kardashian popped up on the jumbotron while the famous couple sat courtside at the game inside Chicago's United Center. However, when the camera panned to her rapper husband, a stoic and stone-faced West seemingly snubbed his wife's attempt at a kiss -- instead she went in for one on the cheek -- and Twitter is going wild over the moment.

"Someone tell @kanyewest he isn't God and to kiss his damn wife on the kiss cam.. wtf," one fan tweeted using a GIF of the superstar shaking his head in disgust, while another wrote, "Kim doesn't deserve treatment like this-" in response to the video.

However, others were quick to defend West, claiming he simply didn't understand what Kardashian was trying to do. "I think he was oblivious to the moment and simply didn't see the gesture," one surmised. Another tweeted, "I feel like they truly love each other; he just doesn't like to show his affection in person."

Either way, check out the awkward video and Twitter's best reactions to it below.

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