Khalid Reminisces on His Past Eras’ Successes in ‘Last Call’ Video

Khalid is looking back on his past eras as he enters a new one. On Thursday, the singer released the music video for his newest single “Last Call,” in which he pays homage to the themes of his past LPs, but sings about a love he’s willing to wait for.

The video opens with Khalid sitting in a classic car with an American flag hanging from the side-view mirror, reminiscent of his American Teen LP, which served as the singer’s breakthrough with singles like “Young, Dumb and Broke” and “Location.” The album dropped exactly five years ago.

“Where do we go/Where do we stand/In between a quick romance/Something that will last long,” he sings in the chorus. “Where do we go/Will you take my hand/Meet me for a final dance/Something like a last call.”

The video then shows a sign with the words Scenic Drive buried in the dirt, in reference to his last album, as he drives down an empty road with friends. The video also shows the vehicle from his Free Spirit era and clips of Khalid’s biggest performances, before showing his trophies — including his iHeartRadio Award and a plaque celebrating his billion streams on “Location” — buried in the dirt.

“It’s important to me to commemorate this day and look back at everything that has happened. I can’t believe it’s been five years already,” Khalid said in a release about the new song and anniversary. “I hope you guys enjoy [‘Last Call’] and celebrate with me and all we’ve done together.

The vibey, melancholic vibe taps into the nostalgic sound that fans fell in love with on his debut record, while adding a renewed beat that sets it apart from some of the singer’s recent tracks.

Near the end of the video, the song transitions to a different sound as the camera focuses on the singer — sporting a Como 1907 soccer jersey — in front of an old truck, singing, “No point being friends, that’s just how it is,” before the song fades out.

“Last Call” serves as a follow-up to his 2021 album Scenic Drive (The Tape) and his appearance on Alicia Keys’ “Come For Me,” alongside Lucky Daye.