Kevin Powers returns with his festive new video for “roddy”

One of the more underrated hotbeds for hip-hop talent in America has to be North Carolina, boasting both established and upcoming stars alike. With such a stout roster of natives, it was inevitable that more talented artists would be able to slip through the cracks and breakout as well. Hailing from the region as well, rising artist Kevin Powers has been hard at work over the last year turning his internet buzz into something substantial, as he checks back into our pages with his colorful new video for, "roddy."

Shot in a suburban neighborhood, the video finds Powers and his crew huddled around a white Mercedes Benz as they infectiously go crazy to the song. Directed by KosmicShots, the upward shots of Powers in a baseball dugout help to bring his quirky charisma to life, allowing him to showcase his energy in a more focused perspective. The video also pairs with the song well, as the onscreen energy helps the listener feel more connected to the experience. Produced by Whit Kane and Luke White, the upbeat, infectious production does a brilliant job of simultaneously allowing Powers to showcase his knack for melodic progression, while also standing out at times as the best part of the record. 

With the video serving as his first release of 2021, it can be safe to assume that Kevin Powers is gearing up for a run. Take a peek at his new video above and get familiar.

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