Kevin Durant Seen Sparking Up While Attending Drake Concert in Los Angeles

In July, Durant revealed during an interview with Game Plan 23 that he had smoked marijuana before a meeting with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver. His goal was to advocate for the removal of marijuana from the NBA’s list of banned substances.

“I actually called him [Silver] and advocated for him to take marijuana off the banned substance list,” he told Andrew Ross Sorkin. “I just felt like it was becoming a thing around the country, around the world… The stigma behind it wasn’t as negative as it was before. It doesn’t affect you in any negative way.”

Durant said that Silver “agreed” with him when they spoke about marijuana.

“I just enjoy the plant, it’s as simple as that,” he added. “Well, he smelled it when I walked in. So I didn’t really have to say much, you know what I’m saying? He kind of understood where this was going…It’s the NBA, man… everybody does it, to be honest. It’s like wine at this point.”