Kendrick Lamar Will Just Not Let Big Sean Catch a Break, Overshadows Comeback With “Like That” Shots at ‘Big 3’

Giving the timing, some listeners have wondered if this was all part of a larger strategy. With the history of “Control” in mind, not all of this is entirely a reach. The song, released in 2013, is technically a Sean-led single. It was Kendrick’s verse, however, that inarguably dominated coverage and quickly became a classic moment in hip-hop history.

The song has remained a hot topic over the years, with Sean downplaying speculation of a feud in a Joe Budden interview in 2020. More recently, the “Control” fascination received a new layer thanks to an alleged Kendrick leak that included a direct mention of Sean by name. Sean later addressed the leak, seemingly suggesting he didn’t consider the lyrics a diss.

With that in mind, folks have had plenty to say about “Like That” rolling out on the same day as Sean’s new single.