Kendrick Lamar Performs “Not Like Us” Six Times at ‘The Pop-Out’

Kanye and Jay-Z performing “N***as in Paris” over and over? Travis Scott rapping “FEIN” until his lungs give out? We have a new contender: Kendrick Lamar performing his earworm of a Drake diss, “Not Like Us,” six times at his latest concert, “The Pop-Out.”

To introduce the song, Lamar had none other than West Coast legend Dr. Dre kick off a string of what would be the most-hyped track of the night. The DJ Mustard-produced diss has worked its way everywhere, spurring dances and parodies and more. Only right for Lamar to keep running it back.

It seems to have hit harder each time, with a chorus of thousands screaming “certified pedophile” with joy. I don’t doubt there’s more at home doing the same.

By the end, Lamar had what seems like the entire West Coast onstage as he closed out with, get this, another round of “Not Like Us.”

“We been fucked up since Nipsey died. We been fucked up since Kobe died,” Lamar said as he looked at the people before him. He commented on how every “section” came together peacefully to unite for the historic Juneteenth concert. Then he played “Not Like Us” another two times.

Pure hater activities. Amazing. As succinctly put by one X user: