Kendrick Lamar Claims Drake Slept With Lil Wayne’s Girlfriend in Latest Diss

The rap civil war is far from over, and Kendrick Lamar dropped yet another scathing diss track aimed at Drake.

In his third diss in less than 48 hours, Lamar went scorched Earth on “Not Like Us,” the latest installment of the beef sweeping the nation. Among accusations of Drake being a “certified pedophile,” harboring convicted sex trafficker Baka Not Nice, and more, the Compton rapper even brought in one of Drake’s frequent collaborators and mentors, Lil Wayne, into the mix.

Lamar raps, “Fucked on Wayne’s girl while he was in jail, that’s conniving / Then get his face tatted like a bitch, apologizing.”

While some of the other accusations made in the trio of disses over the weekend may be up for debate, it looks like this one is true.

Wayne has gone on the record several times to confirm this, telling the story of how he was held in Rikers Island when Drake visited him and admitted what he did. In a TMZ report from 2015, Wayne was shopping around a tell-all book that eventually became 2016’s Gone ‘Til November, which details his time in prison for weapon possession.

To be fair, the act of betrayal happened before Wayne and the unnamed began dating, but it hurt him.

“As a man, honestly, that shit hurt…and not because it was Drake. It could’ve been any man and it would’ve hurt the same. She said it happened way before we got together, but she just never told me.”