Kendrick Lamar Calls on Drake to ‘Give Me 2Pac’s Ring Back,’ Says He ‘Might’ Give ‘Him a ‘Little Respect’ If He Does

The lyric references Drake confirming he bought Pac’s ring at auction in Travis Scott’s “Meltdown” for $1 million when he raps, “I pull out a million to stare at this shit.”

Lamar has griped with Drake’s lyrics about Pac, rapping on “Not Like Us,” “You think the Bay gon’ let you disrespect Pac, n***a?” Drake also came under fire for using an AI Tupac verse in his now-deleted diss track “Taylor Made Freestyle.”

As for Kenny’s all-red fit, that’s seemingly not coincidental and it appears to pay homage to one of 2Pac’s own fits at the 1994 Source Awards.