Kelly Rowland Appears to Tell Off Cannes Film Festival Security While Walking Red Carpet

Kelly Rowland had to pop out and show a security guard who she was on the 2024 Cannes Film Festival red carpet on Tuesday.

The Destiny’s Child member was attending the premiere of French-Italian comedy Marcello Mio when things evidently got heated between her and a red carpet staffer. As seen in a video from the event, Rowland stood for photographers while being led by an escort, before the security guard made a motion for Rowland to proceed up the stairs.

Rowland appeared to say something to the woman, even gently grabbing her arm, before the woman gave a response that upset the “Dilemma” singer enough to point a finger in her face while continuing to speak. The security guard appeared to be shocked and spoke to team members around Rowland, who shot back another comment at her.