Kelly Clarkson Somehow Made Joji’s Emotional Ballad ‘Glimpse of Us’ Even More Heartbreaking

Kellyoke Sad Girl Edition

The song is the Kelly Clarkson show host’s latest Kellyoke pick of the season

“Glimpse of Us,” Joji’s heartbreaking ballad about the one that got away, was sad enough on its own. Now, Kelly Clarkson has managed to take whatever was left of all the broken hearts and grind the pieces into dust with her latest Kellyoke cover on the Kelly Clarkson show.

Backed by two accompanying pianists, Clarkson transformed Joji’s restrained piano ballad with a soulful performance capitalizing on the full extent of her range. The singer and host cut the song down by nearly half from its original four-minute run time, trimming the earlier choruses but returning to them in full towards the end of the set as a makeshift bridge.


“Cause sometimes, I look in his eyes/And that’s where I find a glimpse of us/And I try to fall for his touch/But I’m thinkin’ of the way it was,” she sang, flipping the pronouns of the original recording. “Said I’m fine and said I moved on/I’m only here passing time in his arms/Hopin’ I’ll find a glimpse of us.”

In November, the Kelly Clarkson Show was renewed through 2025 at NBC, leaving plenty more artists to live in fear of being out-sung at their own song by the popular daytime host. Just this season, the singer has covered songs from Blink-182, Duran Duran, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Florence & the Machine, and more.