Kayzo Delivers Insane Official Remix for Papa Roach's Classic Hit "Last Resort"

Geffen Records is set to put out a multitude of remixes to classics from their catalogue over the years, and first up is this insane Kayzo remix of the alt-metal hit “Last Resort” by Papa Roach.

Vocals from Jacoby Shaddix are as clear and angsty as ever. Forget about the production for a second, this is just pure nostalgia overload. Still, Kayzo brings a lot to the table that gives “Last Resort” even more reasons to get dropped in the one-off set.

Blistering electronic synths bring dubstep and hard dance sounds to the forefront beyond Shaddix’s voice, creating a wild atmosphere that fits right at home on the dance floor.

“When the idea came about to collaborate on ‘Last Resort’ and give it my own sound, I was completely blown away,” says Kayzo. “Papa Roach, among a handful of other bands, were really influential to me in my early teens when I really didn’t know anything about life. To be able to now be in a collaboration with the band still blows my mind.”

“When we heard Kayzo’s remix of ‘Last Resort,’ we knew audiences all over the world would go off to this!” says the band.

Check out Kayzo’s remix of “Last Resort” below!

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