Katie Tupper shares the heartwarming ode to connection on “How Can I Get Your Love?”

Canadian artist Katie Tupper shares the warming, soulful single "How Can I Get Your Love?" as a hazy ode to returning to familiarity and comfort.  

Drenched in guitar plucks and elegant melody lines, the single wraps itself around you to offer a moment of solitude. Layered with evocative and personal lyricism, the track oozes calmness. Teaming moments of neo-soul with folk intimacies, the single effuses sacred moments with its reverb acoustics and hushed percussion. Swaddling rich tones underneath a blanket of soulful instrumentation, "How Can I Get Your Love?" hints at the possibilities we miss out on due to timing and cluelessness, reminding us of the importance of connections with the people around us. 

“It’s about coming back to your hometown and wanting things to be exactly as you left them, and the desperation for those memories once you realise that is not true,” she reveals about the song. “I wrote about moments in previous relationships where you fully lay yourself out on the line, almost to a desperate extent because you feel you need to. It feels like vulnerability and bravery in confessing an old love but it really is more of seeking comfort in the familiar and begging those around you to create that for you.”

Tupper's exquisite vocals and expressive songwriting creates a pattern of quilted desire. A slow-burning tune that feels simplistic in its sound yet complex in its results, "How Can I Get Your Love?" is a striking release from an artist despite only being her second release to date. The soothing sounds of Katie Tupper are promised to be in high demand. 

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