Kanye West Leaks Alleged Adidas Internal Document: ‘It All Comes Down to Human Rights’

Kanye West is far from done dealing with Adidas

On Friday, Ye hopped on Instagram with a post showing an alleged document from Adidas telling employees how to speak to buyers in the Yeezy line. 

The document was sent out on February 26 and stated, “Adidas is the sole owner of the product, including the design rights for existing products as well as previous colorways. The products are existing Yeezy designs initiated in 2022. Adidas honored contractual obligations and discussed releasing products prior to the announcement with the former partner.”

Adidas also asked its employees to refrain from ongoing conversations about the Yeezy line and instructed them to redirect customers to an e-mail address to express their issues. In his caption, Kanye spoke on the importance of human rights regarding Adidas and even Kim Kardashian.

“This is the document that they give employees at adidas when asked questions about Yeezy,” Kanye said. “There is an overlap to adidas and Kim ignoring my opinion on where my kids go to school or people ignoring my name change or the entire celebrity culture ostracizing me for my political opinion.”

He continued, “It all comes down to human rights which you sacrifice when you’re stigmatized with mental issues All these situations are actually far crazier than what I’ve been branded to be.”