Kanye West Donned a Creepy White Mask to Have Coffee With Former Trump Fixer Michael Cohen

Kanye West — or, technically, the artist formerly known as Kanye West, and now legally just “Ye” — enjoyed a lovely fall afternoon in New York City with former Trump lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, The New York Post reports. 

West donned an uncanny, feature-less mask for the meet-up, which took place at Sant Ambroeus Coffee Bar at the Lowes Regency on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. This marked the second time Cohen and West had met at the spot this month.

And because, of course, this could get weirder, NYC’s likely next mayor, Eric Adams, was reportedly supposed to join the pair but was held up at another meeting. Hopefully, they can get together next time so West and Adams can talk sneakers; Adams famously had a nice selection of kicks on display in the basement apartment in Brooklyn where he — and definitely not his son — lives.

Cohen confirmed the meeteing to Rolling Stone, though did not immediately offer any additional details. All he shared with The Post was: “We were just getting together.” 

Cohen did, however, offer some insight into West’s decision to wear his prosthetic mask, which he’d also been wearing after arriving at JFK Airport in New York City. “The purpose [of the mask] was so that people would not recognize him,” Cohen said, though even he admitted it didn’t really seem to work (maybe because no one else in the world besides Kanye West is walking around with such a mask at the moment).

Cohen continued: “The first 10 minutes we sat down, he was mobbed by people … who wanted photos, and to say hello. So he put on this mask to give him some anonymity, which interestingly enough, did not really work.”

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