Kanye West Calls Cardi B a ‘Plant’ That Took Nicki Minaj’s Spot in Leaked 2018 Footage

In another leaked video, Kanye is on the phone with Scooter Braun and speaking on getting out of “this G.O.O.D. Music shit now.” The Donda rapper stated he needed to end his record label because he’s “great,” questioned why he gave Pusha T Daytona and Teyana Taylor KTSE, and criticized Nas for being off-beat on “Cops Shot the Kid” off their collaborative effort, NASIR.

“The fuck I’m doing giving ‘Wanna Love You’ to fucking Teyana? What the fuck am I doing giving that Daytona album to Pusha? What the fuck I’m doing bro?,” said Kanye. “That shit was three Dark Fantasies that I gave away. ‘Cops Shot the Kid,’ Nas rapping all god damned offbeat on it and don’t even want to shoot a video. Then shoot the video and don’t even tell me.”

He continued, “These muthafuckers don’t appreciate me. These muthafuckers are trying to use me. I’m the greatest muthafucking artist living, and I can do everything.”

Kanye also added that he wanted to do his own festival instead of performing at others and has since done everything that he claimed people didn’t think would happen. He also said he knew what he was saying could put his life in danger but wouldn’t end up like XXXTENTACION, who was known for speaking out against the industry.  

“I know my life is on the line when I’m talking, but I know ain’t nobody going to touch me because I’m too high profile. I’m not [XXXTENTACION], so y’all can’t take me out,” he continued. “But I bet you I get off my muthafucking publishing, I bet you I get my muthafucking festival, and I bet you I get off of Universal, and I bet you all I won’t talk to Adidas again.”

The explosive footage is just one of many things that have been leaked over the last few weeks. Most of the leaks include song snippets, unreleased music videos, and more.