Kanye Says ‘F*ck Drake’ and Plenty Other Enemies While Celebrating “Carnival” Hitting No. 1

“Just know they tried to destroy me and here we are with the number 1 song in the world,” the 46-year-old wrote in his caption. “Like the fake dude I saw in the lobby at the Ritz that works at Goat You pussys don’t stand for shit.”

Ye said “fuck everybody” at the Daily Mail tabloid, then flashed back to his “White Lives Matter” T-shirt controversy, writing, “And Fuck everybody at the fashion houses that sided with Gabby [Karefa-Johnson] and Hailey Bieber Fuck each and every single one of yall And fuck every Christian that watched me have my kids taken out of my control That’s how I feel.”

The “fuck Adidas” part lumps in “everybody who works there or with them [and] Anyone who goes to school with anyone who’s parents work at adidas.”

“Carnival” has a line about how his children have been enrolled “in a fake school.” In late February, Kanye told his ex-wife, “Kim take my kids out of Sierra Canyon now. It’s a fake school for celebrities that are used by ‘the system.’”

Ye ended his missive by teasing that he might have words for additional enemies, writing, “I’ll come back to yall if I think of more fuck you’s.”

In two swiftly deleted follow-up videos on his IG Stories, Ye had more to say to Adidas. “When I was there, y’all was stealing my ideas and put it in your company,” he said. “Then you dismantled my creative team. Then you started making fake colorways. Then you paid off my lawyers while I was with you. Then you dropped me on a morality clause even though y’all was the ones stealing my designs. Then you got the CEO coming up to me talking about, ‘Oh, we just gon’ burn the product.’ Saying that directly to my face. Now y’all putting out product with my name on it. … I’m just not laying back and watch you take—it’s not even the principal, it’s not that I can’t get money somewhere else. Y’all using my name, y’all using my name in 2024. Y’all doing this.”

It was reported Monday that “Carnival” topping the Billboard Hot 100 gave Ye his first No. 1 in 13 years, following his feature on Katy Perry’s “E.T.” His previous No. 1 off one of his own projects was 2007’s Graduation single “Stronger.” 

Rich the Kid celebrated nabbing his first No. 1 on his own IG, writing, “#1 on billboard with family @ye @tydollasign & @playboicarti Thank you to all the fans, my family that always support love!” He closed out by announcing his new album will be executive produced by Ye and Ty.

The riot-themed “Carnival” visual created by Jon Rafman feels like a cross between a music video and a lyric video. Check it out here: