KANDY Makes A Bold Statement In New Video After Coming Out To His Parents

There aren’t a whole lot of producers in dance music who have come out as gay, and it’s not necessarily fruitful to define someone by their sexuality, but nonetheless it’s an important moment when that time does come. For Mad Decent artist KANDY, who’s just recently come out to his own family, his most recent single and the accompanying music video make a bold and clear statement.

The song, “Feelin’ KNT” (pronounced “feeling c–t”), is an anthem. KANDY says that “feeling c–t,” in the gay community is a phrase of positivity: “It’s kinda like feeling yourself. You know, when you put on a nice outfit and stuff and you’re feeling confident. You’re ready to take on the world.”

The music video for “Feelin’ KNT” features a number of drag queens, many of whom KANDY himself has befriended over the years from living in New York City.

“‘Feelin’ KNT’ is my first release since coming out to my family. This release means more to me than anything I’ve released in the past because it is the first time I’ve been able to be my most authentic self. This has given me the confidence I’ve been searching for for such a long time. It’s extremely important to me to show the dance music community that it is okay to be who you are and to not let anyone or anything keep you from expressing your true self.” – KANDY

Watch it below, and read his full interview with Billboard Pride .

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