K.UMĒH Signs Deal With Tetavi

WHAT IS Tetavi?

Tetavi is a company that develops a method and system intended to generate high-quality Free Viewpoint Video (FVV) content for sports, broadcast and virtual reality applications. The company offers a portable end-to-end camera system to capture high-quality volumetric viewpoint videos for sports, media, gaming, enterprise education, training, AR, VR and more in broadcast quality and live-stream capabilities without the need for green screen backdrop.

The world’s first volumetric platform that connects end to end. The volumetric lens allows you to see the world. Tetavi allows the creation of the best-in-class 3D assets by leveraging the benefits of volumetric video. This is possible for many industries such as entertainment, gaming, fashion, social media, and telecom. The company is a leader in the industry thanks to its innovative capture technology, studio capabilities, and extensive production expertise. Tetavi’s complete system is made of inexpensive proprietary hardware and can be deployed in any location. It delivers high-fidelity holograms for any brand that wants to transform their customer experience. Tetavi is dedicated to achieving volumetric video capture for immersive media. The company was established in 2016 and has offices in Tel Aviv and Los Angeles. It is expanding worldwide.

Why is It Yoom Now?

Explaining the name change in a news release, Yoom CEO Gilad Talmon said the new moniker is an amalgamation of “You and Me,” reflecting the connection between a creator and his or her audience, as well as the second syllable of “volume,” the key premise of this new form of media. Founded by longtime sports video pioneer Miky Tamir, Yoom previously collaborated with the Los Angeles Kings in becoming the first NHL franchise to foray into the metaverse.


Tetavi and One Voice Applied Music will be working together to enable the creation of new immersive content and experiences for the Metaverse and Web3, pioneering new ways for people to express themselves, create and consume content.

YOOM is a deep tech company that brings real humans into the digital world with cutting-edge volumetric technology. YOOM’s AI technology consists of proprietary neural networks dedicated to volumetric video production.

YOOM’s goal is to democratize the Metaverse & Web3 by breaking down the barrier of immersive content creation, and enabling K.Umēh to fully express himself through our photoreal digital selves.


Jimmy Iovine [Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Interscope Records and Beats Electronics, among numerous other companies]; Finneas O’Connell ( Billie Ellish Brother ) [Grammy Award-winning producer, singer and songwriter]; Maverick Carter [CEO of The SpringHill Company]; Justin Lubliner, [CEO of the Darkroom]; and Paul Wachter [Founder, Chairman and CEO ofMain Street Advisors]. Dr. Dre [ Beats By Dre ] & More.

All of these artists and executives have signed agreements to help Yoom conceive, develop, and create the future of immersive and interactive content with a focus on music, entertainment, gaming, sports and popular culture. Additionally, these strategic partners have joined the company’s largest existing investors and shareholders, including Insight Partners, Marc Rowan and Aaron Stone, in personal investments totalling $15 million to further YOOM’s growth.

K.Umēh, How do you feel about signing with YOOM?

I am excited to see and understand the future of technology. This is the main reason I signed with Tetavi. I have a plethora of ideas and concepts that connect with music and technology. I signed the Tetavi deal before I was notified through email that the company raised over 50 million dollars in funding, but I knew I made the right decision because artificial intelligence through sound is the future. I really feel like this company can transform into a music record label at any time, so I will be here to see what happens. I also understand that getting backed by Jimmy Iovine and Interscope Records & Dr Dre ( Beats by Dre ) was essential to understanding the business, and Yoom’s endless potential in the music industry. At the moment this deal is based from single to single so I am grateful that I am here, and that I can select what song that I would like to see come to life, one by one. I am also interested in seeing what we can create visually for the world through artificial intelligence. Says K.Umēh

My view on it is, It really depends on how you define the Metaverse, because while the adoption of devices that sit on the eyes is still behind, the entry of more and more creators, singers, movies, and sports leagues, into the immersive-gaming world continues to grow. For the future of One Voice Applied Music and Obinna Systems Inc. I would like to introduce my own brand new idea and a concept to the world of music. I see the future of AI through sound in the world of PVP through music. PVP refers to a game that is designed for gamers to compete against other gamers, rather than against the game’s artificial intelligence (AI). PVP games generally feature an AI that acts as a second player if the gamer plays solo. This PVP style of gaming can be a center of the future of music with the introduction of interactive Versus battles with albums, songs, or even music videos. The PVP style of music can attract a wide audience and can be extremely lucrative for our culture in generations to come, Says K.Umēh

This new branding style of music competition can consist of placing bets on labels and artists on the company’s roster, fund allocation and awards for winners, and music royalties for long term involving members. Introducing battles to acquire music production, features from the hottest artist, and record label deals. This can forgo record label companies to truly understand who has the most talent or the best statistics at the time on a deeper level. The potential in music through artificial intelligence is unlimited. There is a growing interest in being able to communicate directly with the audience through gaming, music, and virtual worlds in the 21st century.” says K.Umēh 

K.Umēh, What is your goal with artificial intelligence through music in the future ?

I want to create a character and work on separate projects written by me that tell the story of this artificial character that we can place in the metaverse. This concept is timeless, and will be lucrative from present to generations to come. Since I am a recording artist and concept writer, one of my fortes is telling stories through sound. This character can be pitched to movie companies, video game companies, and even have a new branded visual platform of its own. For example: think what Nintendo’s Super Mario or Sega Genesis’s Sonic The Hedgehog did for the culture of technology in the 1990’s. 

They created a series of video games, a cartoon tv show, and also several movies revolving around these characters, that are still popular in today’s society. Creating these types of concepts and platforms can easily be the future of the music industry if done correctly. If these characters can be attached to an interactive experience that users can get a hang of like Instagram, or Twitter ( Avatar Concept ) this would even bring a greater audience to this specific niche. 

This platform can be another way of streaming for artists, introducing a point system based on your chart standing in the industry ( various fields ). This point system can be transformed into currency to alleviate artists and or brands budgets in the future or to be able to gain credit through your label or company to obtain a greater budget, or to negotiate a better contract agreement for the future/past. Currently I already have many concepts to introduce music through artificial intelligence. At the moment I am in the process of designing my character and platform, writing scripts and story lines that involve sound. I would say I am at the last level of creating my character’s identity, then I will need to create a backstory for my character to live freely in the metaverse. I give a minor Introduction of these characters on my Album Sons Of God and Sons Of God 2. 

Writing for two separate platforms with the same identity as ( K.UMĒH ) gives me inspiration to continue to intrigue my audience with a deeper understanding of what my music means, and how it will be portrayed to the world in the future. 


“Yoom is going to bring artsts and brands into the metaverse and web3, and that feels really exciting,” said Jimmy Iovine in a statement.

There is no shortage of companies looking to do this, of course, but Yoom’s ambitions to extend its tech to “any amateur with a smartphone and an idea” are worth watching.

Earlier this year, YOOM partnered with the Los Angeles Kings to become the first NHL team to enter the Metaverse. The company said that it will introduce in the near future its first major projects in areas such as music, gaming, TV, and location-based entertainment.

“We are at the inception of a period in which new technologies will revolutionize the way we create and experience content, and interact socially,” said Aaron Stone. 

“YOOM will partner with artists to create content that can engender enhanced feelings of presence, enabling new and different ways for people to emotionally engage and connect.” 

Tetavi has always been looking for new possibilities that advance entertainment and move the culture forward. This team and the proprietary technology they’ve built levels the playing field for creatives and widens the space where communities can grow. Yoom is inspired to help define what the future of entertainment can look like.


2 Songs:

  1. Unknown by K.UMEH + Visuals Shot by YOOM 
  2. TBA.

 Yoom CEO Gilad Talmon Speaks On Tetavi Exclusives 

“There are some very cool projects being worked on right now that I can’t talk about yet. But not long ago we released a collaboration with the LA Kings hockey team. We set up our studio right on the ice, filmed the hockey players with volumetric video and moved them into the Metaverse,” says Yoom CEO Gilad Talmon in a conversation with Geektime. According to him, the advantage of volumetric video, beyond the ease and quality of photography, videography, and production that their technology and tools allow, is the creation of photorealistic content that is adapted to a 3D creation.

Talmon added that “This is especially important for experiences that look for realism such as ‘digital twin’ experiences, content that is meant to convey an accurate range of facial expressions and emotions, or content that puts a real person at the center such as an actor or singer used to accurately convey a three-dimensional digital experience.”

“Tetavi’s technology will allow users to truly express themselves in the digital world, enabling them to create their own digital twin and produce more immersive content,” “I’m very excited about partnering with industry leaders in gaming, media, and entertainment. I believe we have a great opportunity to create the future of entertainment and the next generation of content creation.”

We are already in negotiations with some of the largest studios and production companies in the world to adopt our technology, and we have no doubt that the vast experience of Anuraj ( Former Warner Bros. Entertainment VP of emerging technology and innovation strategy ) and Bonnka ( Former Warner Bros. Entertainment VP of content of marketing and partnerships ) will allow us to stand at the forefront of the new world of volumetric video in Metaverse and other virtual worlds,” Tetavi’s CEO, Gilad Talmon, stated.

Tetavi, which was founded in 2016 by Dr. Miky Tamir and Micha Birnbaum, deals in volumetric video capture. Its stated mission is “to enable connection, self-expression, and creativity through photorealistic shareable digital content.” The company is said to utilize proprietary algorithms, built machine learning and AI capabilities to power content creation and digital experiences.

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