Juvenile Says He’s ‘Flattered’ by Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign Interpolating “Back That Azz Up”

In an interview with TMZ, rapper Juvenile revealed that he’s perfectly fine with Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign interpolating his hit track “Back That Azz Up” on “Do It” from Vultures 1.

Juvenile was asked for his stance on the interpolation due to some of the issues other artists have taken regarding seemingly unauthorized usage of their music, whether it be Backstreet Boys and Black Sabbath samples or Donna Summer’s estate filing a lawsuit against the artists for an “unauthorized interpolation.” When asked specifically about his approach in contrast to Ozzy Osborne, who is not happy about the situation due to Ye’s anti-Semitism, Juvenile said, “I give everybody a chance, man, and Kanye is a good dude.”

Juvenile added that Ye has “showed a whole lot of support” to him throughout his career, and he’s “kind of flattered” by the interpolation, for which he is not credited in the album’s writing credits. “It’s how you look at you know, with me I try to keep things on the positive,” he continued. “Especially with the new artists and the ones that came after me. I’m flattered. Drake done sampled my music, too, and I treated him the same way. It’s all love with it.”