Justy returns with visuals for her song “Sister Sister” (Josh Tarzi Remix) [Video]

Brooklyn-bred eclectic singer/songwriter JUSTY has been writing music since 12 and has gifted our site with a plethora of singles that showed her fusing jazz/soul with lofi hip-hop. Her newest effort is the Josh Tarzi Remix of her song “Sister Sister.”

The bass-laden, somber tune is underpinned by JUSTY’s hushed cadence and vivid lyricism that explore the failing dynamics of friendship while referencing feelings of distrust and instinct. She offers a relatable viewpoint, reflecting on how she gave her all but got nothing or less in return. It’s a far cry from being a sob story as JUSTY acknowledges her importance and has moved on.

The visual is a mix of retro aesthetics and smooth transitions with performance shots that show JUSTY’s laidback demeanor.

The original was taken from her 2021 album Pain With Benefits, a 10-track project that dives into queer love, self-love, mental health, and inner strength.

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