Juice WRLD Reveals The Origin Of His Name & His Major Influences

If you haven't yet listened to Juice WRLD's music, it's time to get familiar with the young Chicago rapper. Since the release of "Lucid Dreams," Juice has been making a serious amount of noise and now, people are starting to take notice on a larger scale. With the underground and SoundCloud realms on lock for the last few months, the 19-year-old transitioned into a larger role, signing to Interscope to the tune of $3 million and releasing his new project Goodbye & Good Riddance to much acclaim this week. As the hype continues to build, Juice sat down with Mass Appeal to speak a little about his influences, the origins of his name and how exactly he took over the world.

With his introduction to the Billboard Hot 100, the young Chicagoan is quickly rising up the ranks and, as he does so, he's allowing his fanbase to get to know him a little more. Speaking with Mass Appeal, Juice revealed that he used to have Tupac's high-top "Juice" haircut with a clean line in the front, sticking with it for his name. As for "WRLD," he thinks it came from a literal misspelling of the word, saying that in his attempt to take over the world, he ended up embracing it.

With his influences spanning from the Wu-Tang Clan to Fall Out Boy, Black Sabbath, and Megadeth, Juice has clearly listened to a wide range of music in his time, which comes through in his sound. As one of the members of an emo-rap community that continues to grow, Juice WRLD is on a serious come-up. Check out the full interview below.

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