Join Russ on a full moon late night drive while listening to “Bankrupt” [Video]

Russ is back once again with more music, effortlessly translating the versatility that he possesses, through his art. Releasing the visual for one of his recent singles, “Bankrupt,” we see his unique creativity and talented acting side as well, releasing a short film in the form of a music video. 

Russ should undoubtedly be differentiated from the rest as his music speaks for itself. Aside from his talent, discipline, and work ethic, he shows us that consistency is key. Consistently dropping multiple singles and visuals, his range is limitless, going from lyrical bars all the way to love songs. In “Bankrupt,” we experience a very vulnerable side of Russ that he portrays through soulful songwriting, such as “Left a long time ago/ Now I really think that it’s time to go/Oh, I don’t feel the same love/ My heart is bankrupt.” The emotional words are perfectly reflected in the music video, where Russ tweeted that he had the movie Drive on mute in the studio while he made this song. The powerful imagery, such as the moon, the night drive, and the fire burning the car, is brilliant to say the least. Being that the visual is highly metaphorical and symbolic of the lyricism, it flawlessly depicts what heartbreak feels like. Accompanied by light beats and a smooth melody, the words powerfully hit our souls. Press play, especially when you’re going on a night drive, and just feel the song. It is guaranteed to move you.
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