John O’Brien Releases Much Awaited Album – The Love You Need

Rock artist John O’Brien just released his highly anticipated album entitled The Love You Need. Following the release of My Revelation –  Remastered, John  O’Brien delivers his seventh album, consisting of eleven tracks including the electric “Every Time I See Your Face” or the magical “But You’re Gone”. As they make contact with our ears, the skillfully crafted harmonies can’t but seduce us, transporting us to blissful places, sometimes nostalgic and sometimes joyful. The upbeat and dynamic “I feel You Struggling” is one of our favourite tracks from The Love You Need, in which listeners will witness O’Brien’s sonic tornados and extremely confident demeanor reaching unpreceded heights.

Sophisticated beyond what you’ll find in the typical rock commercial segment, The Love You Need embodies all the different components of what makes contemporary music so interesting, and although we are nowadays bombarded with new music everyday, a rare few can pretend giving to music, and not just taking from it. John O’Brien is one of those artists.