John Doe Launches The Uplifting Samba-Baile Funk Single “Cheguei Pra Ficar”

John Doe unveils the energetic and motivational hymn “Cheguei Pra Ficar,” fusing samba with baile funk. This fascinating number comes as a follow-up release to John Doe’s debut single, an electro-pop song titled “c’est la fin du monde.” Their new song is almost at the cardinal opposite to “c’est la fin du monde,'' a groovy electro-pop track talking about the end of the world. “Cheguei Pra Ficar” is a penetrating release with a Brazilian carnival feel throughout, with beautiful guitar lines, a fast-paced beat, all wrapped in a top-notch production. One cannot but imagine being on a beach in Brazil, free from all forms of stress, and enjoying the best company with some nice cocktails. John Doe describes its approach and mission as: “not a label, not an association, and not a collective. With no defined musical universe, no specific style or format, and with artists changing with each track released, John Doe has mandated himself with the mission to help music fans worldwide discover new and unknown artists, encouraging musical creation and supporting artistic freedom through an original and inspiring approach.” With such a different vision, it’s no extraordinary fact that they consistently imagine tomorrow’s hit in such a new and refreshing light!

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