Joe Budden Says He Was ‘Concerned’ About Kodak Black Following Rapper’s ‘Drink Champs’ Interview

Budden isn’t the only person who voiced their concerns for Kodak Black’s behavior. Last month, Ray J expressed how Kodak needed someone to check on his well-being before things get worse for the rap star

“Yo somebody need to grab bro and make sure he good,” Ray J said. “This ain’t the interview Nore. We gotta help this dude. I took him to Trump house and he did the most. They were not happy with the experience bc he had no guidance and respect. Yo @wack100 let’s figure out how we can help this guy instead of watching him self destruct.”

Despite all the criticism he’s been receiving for his actions as of late, Kodak hasn’t slowed down with his musical output. Earlier this week, Yak released an 18-track album titled When I Was Dead, the follow-up to Pistolz & Pearlz, which he released in May without notice. 

When he dropped the album, the Florida rapper took to social media to give a bit of news to his fans, saying that he was ready to change his ways. “I vow to do better on any area I lack, or some slack needs to be picked up on,” he said. “I must do better. I must do this shit. I appreciate y’all, because if it was up to them, I’d have been out of here.”