Joe Budden May Or May Not Want To Fight Wale: "I’d Hurt You"

Yesterday was the fifteen year anniversary of the iconic Joe Budden hit "Pump It Up." In that regard, it's no surprise that Joe Budden is feeling a renewed sense of energy. Despite being half-a-year removed from his stay on Everyday Struggle, Budden has managed to keep busy with his own Podcast. Not to mention, the ongoing duties of fatherhood. Suffice it to say, the Joe Budden legacy is ever-growing, expanding in new and unexpected directions with each passing day. Yet let's not forget one crucial fact. The man loves to stir the pot.

Enter Wale, coming off the drop of his brand new Self Promotion EP. It's clear that the man is feeling himself, and is conducting himself online accordingly. In true unstoppable force meets immovable object fashion, Wale and Budden seemed to bump heads on Twitter, playfully engaging in a bit of schoolyard talk. Essentially, the conversation equated to "I can beat you up," leaving fans wondering, what might happen were the two entities to throw hands?

While it would appear that it's all love, it's interesting that the discourse escalated in this direction. It's even more interesting to note that Budden has since deleted his tweets. Maybe there's some pent up aggression there. Perhaps a celebrity boxing match is in the cards. Who would you bet on in such a tilt? 

Joe Budden May Or May Not Want To Fight Wale: "I’d Hurt You"

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