Jimmy B Fearless delivers ode to endurance on “Sacrifice”

Rising hip-hop act Jimmy B Fearless delivers feel-good track “Sacrifice,” delving into what it takes to make your dreams come true.

Taken off his upcoming EP The Love Is Real, the track  is an ode to endurance and sacrifice, brimming with self-reflective songwriting that imbues us with motivation to carry on our own roads towards success. Led by easy-going yet emotive rap verses cushioned by a gentle R&B-infused instrumental, the groovy track is rooted in Jimmy’s signature escapist, hopeful vibes.

Striking a balance between powerful and gritty delivery style and a slow-build soundscape, the track captures our willingness to hustle through long days and nights are part of our journey to our ultimate goals.

Hailing from Wilmington, Delaware, Jimmy’s passion for making beats was a source of comfort and distraction from inner-city troubles and the pain of his father’s passing. Honing his solace into skill, this aspiring talent has established himself an act to watch through a triple threat of raw talent, dedication to his craft and determination to be noticed.

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