Jim Jones Says He Would Be ‘Heartbroken’ If Pusha T Said Diss Wasn’t About Him

Jim Jones’ response comes after he unleashed his diss record in June. The song was in response to Pusha’s unreleased track that was previewed at Paris Fashion Week where he allegedly took shots at the Dipset member. Capo’s diss had him flex his lyrical muscles where he claimed Push’s fans got him “gassed.” 

“That shit was trash we gonna let them get a do over/They got you gassed, they must think you’re the new Hova/You a 4.0, n***a, I jumped in the new rover/Your brother still jumping on the bed, tell him ‘Move over,’” Jim rapped.

The tension between these two started when Jones claimed Pusha was not a Top 50 MC back in April during a podcast appearance,. The Virginia native seemingly dissed his New York rival on the new song premiered at Pharrell’s fashion show for comments Jones made during an interview in April about Push not being a top 50 rapper.

Jones also spoke about Takeoff’s untimely passing, doing business with Roc Nation, and more. You can watch the full interview here.