Jessie Haines Was Born To Be A Singer-Songwriter – “The Way You Kiss” [New Single]

Born to be a singer-songwriter, Jessie Haines deeply fell in love with music when she was still a child. From playing the guitar to singing and writing songs, music was always an integral part of who she was, and the years passing only amplified her passion and deviation to her craft. 

Her new single is titled “The Way You Kiss” and offers a stunning pop and country fusion in which she talks about “the dizzying feeling you get when you are totally hijacked by lust,“ she confided in a recent interview with Pop Cultr. Melodies and hooks play an essential role in Haines’ sound design, often perfectly built sonic structures that instantly grasp listeners’ attention. 

“The Way You Kiss” is the first of many more songs to be released, and we can’t wait to hear more of her Country, Rock, Blues, Soul and Pop-filled rich sonics.  

Jessie Haines: Instagram & TikTok 

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