Jenny Lewis and Serengeti Go Pedal to the Floor on New Song ‘Vroom Vroom’

Jenny Lewis and Serengeti (a.k.a. Dave Cohn) have linked up for another new song, “Vroom Vroom.”

“Vroom Vroom” boasts a deceptively understated beat, with big piano plunks anchoring the groove while an array of clattering percussion, synths, and other sounds spin around. Serengeti keeps his delivery delightfully languid — and Lewis slips in to add some sweet and clever harmonies — even as the lyrics are mainly about ripping down roads at high speeds.

“Vroom Vroom” marks the second offering from Lewis and Serengeti, following “Unblu,” which they released last December. The tracks are part of an ongoing series of collaborations between the two artists, who struck up a friendship after meeting at the 2018 People Festival in Berlin. Although the pair had been toying with a possible project, they really started working while in quarantine last year.

“Jenny and Dave hunkered down in Los Angeles and Chicago, respectively,” read a statement. “Jenny smoked weed every day and Dave stayed totally sober. The result is five songs made on Jenny’s iPhone, for Dave. Beats, bass, drums, digital tanpura, and topline, sent via text, ripe for Dave’s poetry.”

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