Jenny JAM is floating like a “Big Lonely Cloud” in passionate new single

London born, Los Angeles based artist Jenny JAM unveils her latest single “Big Lonely Cloud.” A powerful and poignant ode about the crippling feeling of loneliness and the effects solitude can have on your mental health, the song reflects the events of the past year and the importance of having someone to talk to.

“Big Lonely Cloud” features infectious, toe-tapping percussion, energetic instrumentation and fiesty vocals. The musician has something to say, and we’re going to listen up. Her message stays rooted in our minds, as she sings, “My mind the vortex, a colorful complex, a battlefield by myself // that big lonely cloud, trying to get down. Never felt like this before, burning need of wanting more.”

Jenny JAM wants us to know that sadness is like the ocean’s tides: it comes and goes and we are constantly evolving, both physically and emotionally. With our heads held high and with our eyes to the horizon, we can overcome anything we are faced with. The songwriter shares, “Always stay true to yourself and believe in you, then you will rise out of the ashes no matter what happens.”

"Big Lonely Cloud" is the first single of the year for the brand new soul pop artist. The single follows her debut single releases "Morning Bottle" (2019) and "Better Than You" (2020). With more music in the works, we can't wait to hear what is next for this prolific singer-songwriter.

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