Jennifer Love Hewitt Reveals Enrique Iglesias Cried Over Aaliyah’s Death on the Set of ‘Hero’ Music Video

Hewitt, who played the Spanish singer’s love interest in the visual, revealed to Entertainment Tonight that Iglesias, now 49, was grieving the unexpected passing of his close friend, Aaliyah.

“The craziest thing about that video shoot that I don’t know if people know is that Enrique and Aaliyah were close friends,” Hewitt told ET. “The night that we filmed that video was the night that she passed.”

“Enrique had to film all of his crying stuff in the video… and he was really crying because she had passed. We all did a big prayer for her at the end of the video and he kind of dedicated it to her. I just remember that being really intense.”

Few details about Iglesias and Aaliyah’s relationship appear online, and it doesn’t seem that he has ever spoken out about his personal relationship with the “One In A Million” singer.