Jen Kalicharan shows us her “Bad Attitude” [Video]

Vancouver-bred singer-songwriter Jen Kalicharan takes the DIY approach to a new level in the video for her song "Bad Attitude." The atmospheric synth-driven club-ready jam is bolstered by Kalicharan's sultry melodic runs and sensual swag. She embodies the true meaning of being bad and staying true to oneself regardless of what others may think. The track exudes pure confidence with no regard for the naysayers when the singer croons, "Bitch I don't stress, you can stay pressed, I got a bad attitude."

The visual was shot and directed by Kalicharan herself, where she made use of what was at her disposal: an iPhone. Teaming up with videographer Murad Ahmed, she designed the setup in her room and makes use of different aesthetics that captures a snapshot of individuals living in a capsule working remotely. There are a plethora of sensual performance shots of the singer accompanied by cut scenes of different characters going through the emotions bad attitudes getting the best of them. The coloring has a psychedelic and somewhat retro feel as some scenes were inspired by the early 2000s pop videos.

It was self-directed, filmed, and edited by Jen in collaboration with Bahay Collective, Nighthawk Productions, and a couple of Kalicharan’s closest friends. 

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