Jayli Wolf opens up about addiction in new single, “Lead Me”

Indigenous, queer artist Jayli Wolf creates refreshing and empowering music. She's an amazing artist in the making. Just earlier this year, she released her debut solo EP, Wild Whisper, in which, with vivid storytelling and beautiful macabre productions, she openly shared her experience of leaving the Jehovah's Witness religion and a doomsday cult. It proves that Wolf is not afraid to reveal all parts of herself and admit that she and life aren't perfect. Now, Wolf comes back with even more power with the release of her new song, “Lead Me,” addressing her fight with addiction and will to overcome it.

Despite being short and sweet, the track proves itself to be a powerhouse. A slow and chanting drumbeat will latch onto listeners before Wolf’s raspy, sultry vocals pull them in all the way. The chorus incorporates slightly autotuned chants, invigorating and melodic. Wolf says more, "This song is about temptation and addiction. It’s about knowing how good a person or a substance can make you feel but at the same time being aware that you need to fight the desire for your own self-preservation.”

Her self-directed music video illustrates Wolf literally attempting to escape her demons and taking back her freedom. It all has a very dark, woodsy vibe to it that many will feel riveted by.

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