Jauz' "Baby Shark" Remix Gets An Official Release

“What started as an idea, and then a joke, the remix you guys all over the world asked for is here” – Jauz

It’s inconceivable to think that a song as universally memed as “Baby Shark” has received an official remix from an artist like Jauz, but it’s 2019, and here we are. The remix was first debuted during his set at Coachella this year, and beyond the obvious kitsch of it all, the beat is actually solid.

Still, this is going to the remix you hate to love. Not only are the original lyrics still completely intact, untouched, but now they’re accompanied by an electronic produced beat that will actually guarantee the lyrics never leave your mind. I honestly can’t tell whether to hate this or love this. In all likelihood, it’s a fair bit of both.

“I was definitely more than shocked at the response I got, the tweet I posted asked for what I thought was a really lofty goal of 20,000 likes on the tweet, and within a few hours, I think it had surpassed 22,000 without breaking a sweat,” Jauz explains.

“After that, I knew I had signed an unwritten contract between myself and my fans to make it happen. To take a song like ‘Baby Shark’, something that is so universally known by infants all the way to grandparents all over the planet and turn it into something of my own was a huge task.”

Now, here it is in all its glory. Listen to Jauz’ remix of “Baby Shark” below.


Photo Rukes.com