Jaszyface The New Nyc Artist On The Rise

Emerging from the fast streets of New York City during the worldwide COVID shutdown, new artist ‘Jaszyface ‘ blessed music fans with her song new song “In my truth” featuring diamond artist Fetty Wap.

Out of necessity, Jaszyface learned her way through her previous industry experiences. Jaszyface has been building her movement from the ground up with a limited budget, experimenting and adventuring beyond just her own musical and vocal abilities. Jaszyface’s music is more than just the sound, it’s the style, it’s the mood, and the texture of her music that makes her so unique.

Jaszy face has been in the music scene for just 1 year, no excuses I’d the type of artist she is and she’s seemingly found a way to make her dreams come true by being adventurous and taking risks with her career. Jaszyface lasted performance was done with Majorstage.

She’s brought the world into her poem like music.

Thank you so much for joining us! Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?
I’ve Always wanted to be a music artist, I went to school for entertainment and ended up getting casted for some off Broadway and tv shows.. I just started taking music more serious less than a year ago and it’s been going great.

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