JaMicheal Opens The Door To Higher Vibrations In New Single “Beautiful Day”

17 year old prodigy JaMicheal introduces his incredible art in his new single titled “Beautiful Day,” a sublime sonic cocktail distilling addictive vibes filled with positivity, bliss, and love. 

From his upcoming album Sincerely JaMicheal, “Beautiful Day” is the artist’s second release since he launched his career. His previous single, “Sincere Thoughts,” displayed a fresh and modern production featuring JaMicheal’s infectious flow with sophisticated electronic textures giving a very trendy feel to the song. 

Merging pop, r&b, and hip-hop, JaMicheal is a musical genius managed by Jackson 5 founding member Jackie Jackson and his son Dealz. 

In a recent interview, JaMicheal shared some thoughts about his music: “I want my music to capture not only the minds but the hearts of people young and old all around the world…If my music doesn’t touch people or give them something positive to speak about or make them want to do something positive in the world then what is the point? Music is supposed to make people feel good. Music has power. It’s healing. I just want to be the key to unlocking change in this life we live in. I want to open the doors to a higher vibration. I want to spread love.”