Jaguar Jonze is “CURLED IN” and ready to takeover [Video]

Jaguar Jonze is anything but ordinary and her latest single "CURLED IN" is a dynamic rush from the start; a flood of emotions swirl into the Bond-theme style guitars lending an air of intensity and danger. From the first moment you see her striking visuals or hear her intoxicating melodies, you're sucked into her world.

"CURLED IN," at its core, is a cathartic release. Jaguar Jonze is dominating with her commanding vocals. She sings, "Tear me apart / just tear me apart / I've never seen wrong be done right." There's something so freeing about her ownership and power when she sings this phrase. The delivery of the direct tone in the lyrics is liberating. 

The video serves as the perfect compliment, equally hypnotic. The bold black and yellow color scheme with her fierce gaze fixated, almost unmoving. You can see her range of inspirations and her identity as an artist. You can't help but focus on the passion, the drama, and the vivid colors and imagery. That's just who she is. You can't take your eyes off her. 

Jaguar Jonze is an Asian-Australian artist who made a name for herself as a musician but also an artist. Her upcoming EP, ANTIHERO, follows her debut EP Diamonds & Liquid Gold. The new project center revolves around a long overdue reply to everyone who's ever taken you for granted. 

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