Jadakiss on Worst Show Ever, Says He Ran Out of Underwear While in Europe and Borrowed Friend’s Speedos

Jadakiss has revealed the worst show of his career involved him running out of underwear and having to wear a pair of Speedos.

During his conversation with Dave East on HipHopWired’s I Got Questions series, The LOX member recalled one of his earliest tour memories where he ran out of underwear and needed to find some before taking the stage. Unfortunately, there was no pair to be found, and Kiss had to wear a pair of Speedos his friend Nerf lent to him. 

“It was probably our first European tour, late ’90s in London, and I ran out of underwear,” Jadakiss explained. “One of my homies from my block here lived in London, too. So I’m like, ‘Yo Nerf, I need some boxers for the show.’ He’s like, ‘Don’t worry I got you.'”

He continued, “We looking, and there’s nothing though. I had a pair of Speedos. I had the worst shits ever. It was my worst show ever in life. I felt horrible. These shits — they wasn’t even boxer briefs. They was boy shorts—the KD, London Euro joints. Now, no matter what happens, [I] overpack underwear.”

Despite having almost 30 years in the game, Jadakiss still suffers from performance anxiety before every show. In a June interview with Hot 97’s DJ Enuff, Kiss said regardless of how big the show is or how long he’s on stage, he still gets a little nervous

“I catch butterflies at every show,” the 48-year-old artist said. “No matter which caliber, which city, no matter where I’m at.” 

Enuff added that those butterflies were inherently a good thing, since they show how much he cares for hip-hop. “Facts,” he said. “Every show, there’s some butterflies before you gotta go out there.”