Jadakiss Claims Suge Knight Tried Using ‘Mafia’ Tactics to Get a Verse From Him

Jadakiss has revealed that Suge Knight tried to use mafia tactics to get him to work on a song, but it ultimately didn’t work out. 

During a visit to the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, Jadakiss reflected on his history with Knight, and according to Kiss, the two have a mutual respect for one another due to Knight having worked with Ruff Ryders co-founders Joaquin “Waah” and Darin “Dee” Dean.

However, when it came to Kiss working with Knight professionally, things were going on that didn’t sit right with the New York rap legend, as if Knight was trying to strong-arm him into working together.

“There was a time where he was popping up everywhere I was at. That shit was crazy,” said Kiss. “Like, say I had a West Coat trip; I could be anywhere, and he’d just be there. It was like somebody was calling him, telling him everywhere I was at.”

He continued, “I think he was trying to get me on a song, but he was doing it a little weird. And it never happened anyway. He was better off calling somebody saying, ‘Yo, I need Kiss. I got this much money and this is the song.’ He was really trying to Mafia the verse out of me! But that shit didn’t work.”