J.Howell premiers video for “I’m Lyin,” from Honest album

Rising R&B singer and songwriter J.Howell released a video for his single, “I’m Lyin,” today.

The video was released on YouTube at midnight and already has over 3,000 views and growing. 

“I’m Lyin,” is a single from Howell’s sophomore album, “Honest,” which was released in Sept. 2022. The song is a sultry track about fussing and fighting within the relationship, and although it’s toxic, the sex is the best thing. And when he says let’s do it one more time, they both know it’s a lie- it will keep happening.

The video is in black and white, with the color red in certain aspects of the video. During the video, Howell finds a red rope, which leads to a red window with a dancer behind it dancing sexy while Howell is on the other side. Howell even shows off some of his dance moves in the video. 

In the end, Howell wakes up in his car with his lady calling and giving him the business for not answering her calls and of course “lying,” which insinuates that Howell may have been dreaming the entire time.

The Memphis native has been performing at sold-out shows across the country, with his most recent sold-out show in Atlanta, on March 2. Howell released his debut R&B album, “Red Room,” in Aug. 2019.

Check out the video for “I’m Lyin,” below.